What Part of the Eye is Affected by Lasik Surgery

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What Part of the Eye is Affected by Lasik Surgery

Which part of the eye is affected by lasik surgery? What are the risks of lasik surgery? What are the problems that can possibly occur after lasik surgery? If you are curious about such questions, you can get more information by continiuing on reading our article.

What Part of the Eye is Affected by Lasik Surgery

Even though it is very likely to find a lot of  positive feedback on the internet about the lasik eye surgery, it’s not always possible to find imformation about the possibility of problems we can have after it.  For that reason, we will do our best to review the advantages and disadvantages about lasik eye surgery in this article.

First, let us explain what is lasik and how it works. The colorful and curved part of our eye aka our cornea layer is cut and lifted by a special tool. Then, the problemed part of  the cornea is shaped and fixed with laser lights. This operation is called lasik. When the cornea is fixed, the cut area is put back in its place and the procedure is completed. Lasik operation lasts around 5 minutes for each eye. Even though our technology leads to newly developed techniques, all are very similar to each other.

Because the operation is done on the cornea layer, cornea is the first part to get affected since it is cut and fixed by laser lights.

What Are the Problems That Can Occur After the Surgery?

  • Just like every other operation, there is a chance of permenant damage, but with the developed technology, it is very unlikely.
  • Lasik does not heal an eye problem, it fixes it. So even though your eye number is stabilized, it does not mean it won’t occur again. Your numbers can increase after the surgery.
  • Patients over 40 may have problems with presbyopia. They may have to wear glasses again after the surgery ofr presbyopia.
  • There might be a decrease in night sight and having quick reflections. For seeing better in the night, the puil gets largers. In this case, an eye that had a surgery can recieve light outside of optic light zone and it can cause ghost reflections.
  • After the laser operation there can be dryness problems in the cornea and the eyes can often produce tears. Patients might need to use tear drops. The chances of this tear syndrom increases with people over 50.
  • There are the problems that can occur after lasik. Lasik is still a newly developed technique so there is no certain data on what kind of other problems might occur in a longer period of time. Therefore there are still possibilities of other issues forming in the future.

No matter how much we mention the possibilities of these problems occuring, there is no rule that says any of it will certainly happen. On the other hand, there are many patients who have very positive feedback after the operation. So it is easy to say a patient who decides to go through the surgery can minimise the risks by choosing a good hospital and a doctor.

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