Wavefront Technology

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Wavefront Technology

What Is Wavefront?

It is a technique developed for fixing eye problems after a technique of NASA used for clearing space images. This technique is called LASIK technique due to a Wavefront application. In available canditates, Wavefront technique is more successful than usual lasik operations.

As an advancedly developed technology, Wavefront has aimed to increase sight quality more than normal laser applications and succeded it.

Wavefront technology is the mathematical description of preventing all light sources from falling onto one place in optic systems. This transfering information to small things like Allegretto produces capability to modify the cornea in a special way. This technique gets better results than lasik because it’s a personalized one.

This technique which creates a personal sight map gives better results, especially with irregular astigmatic problems and people with eye abrations.

Who can have Wavefront?

  • It is necessary to be over 18.
  • Eye number should be – in myopic problem – 15, – in hypermetric and astigmatic problem – 6-7 and it should be well decided by a doctor.
  • People who have the eye problem must have rare changes in the last year, differences prevent this operation from being done.
  • All these processes  must be accompinied by a doctor and be decided that way.

What is iDesign Wavefront Technology and How It’s Applied

With wavefront technology it is possible to make 5 different checks in a short time with devices like otorefrakometer, keratometer, aberrometer and pupilometer and give personal treatments. You can get a detailed cornea analysis and detect eye problems, take a quick step into healing patients faster and more effectively.

Some processes are applied in a more positive affective way without using a knife aka not cutting the cornea.

Wavefront Technology

In laser operation, the device must focus on the point and it is very important. That is why the device must have a eye tracker system.

While laser operation is done while laying down, wavefront is done while sitting. In this position it is sometimes expected to have eye movement but it is very rare. Patient’s eye layers are followed by the device.

Wavefro Technology Availability Test

The operation is decided to be done depending on the amount of problems, thickness of cornea and the availability of topography. On the other hand patient’s other systematic problems must be considered. You can think about it if your eyes fit to the criteras.

After Wavefront Operation

With this operation people can usually go back to their daily lives within 24 hours. If there is no complications during check-ups it is possible to take a bath with doctor permission. You can do activities like swimming after a week. If you are doing snorkel it is recommended to wait at least 6 weeks. Heavy activities can usually be done after a week. These are mentioned if there is no problem after the operation, you must consult your doctor.

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