Lasik Eye Surgery FAQ

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Lasik Eye Surgery FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Lasik Eye Surgery

You must firstly consult your doctor about all the questions that come to your mind. It is necesarry for you to be ready for the surgery by sharing all your concern with your doctor.

Is There Any Stitches in Cataract Surgery?

It can vary on the surgery. But there is no longer a stitching process needed in our present technology.

How Long Does It Take for Cataract to Heal?

It is possible to leave the hospital in few days after the surgery. The patient needs several days to gain sight. The period of complete healing depends on the regular usage of medication and proper care. Usually patients heal in about a month.

Which Technique of Laser Should Be Prefered?

Laser is used for myopic, hypermetrocip and cataract problems. The prefered technique varies on patient’s eye problem, the thickness of cornea and the availability of eye. The check-up before the operation is when this technique is decided. And it begins when the patient is also ready.

Is Laser Surgery Safe?

There are risks in laser surgery just like in every other surgery but these risks are minimised by our developed technology. These also are dependant on the experience of the doctor and the conditions of the hospital. Therefore before the surgery, it is necesarry to search for a good hospital and consider pros and cons of the doctor. It can be said that with the new technology, laser eye surgeries are safe.

Can Laser Surgery Be Applied Twice?

The results wanted after the surgery is. +/- 0,50. After the operation, it is necesarry to do check-ups every 6 months. If the results aren’t good enough, there can be another surgery applied if the conditions of the eye and cornea is in good shape.

Could I Be Blind after the Surgery?

This situation is nearly impossible since the operations are done with very few mistakes. Even though there is a small risk of a temporary sight loss, there isn’t any risk of losing sight permenantly.

Can My Problems Come Back after the Operation?

With the new developed technology this risk is minimised. In the past this was common, but not anymore.

Can Cataract and Eye Tension Reform?

There isn’t any possibility of cataract and eye tension reforming after the surgery. Even though there is a risk of an increase with eye tension when on steroid drops, it is possible to normalise it with correct medication.

Can I Use Glasses or Contact Lenses after the Surgery?

Patients over 40 might need to use glasses for awhile. There is no longer a need of using glasses or lenses after the problem is fixed. You can use lenses for cosmetics purposes a week after by your doctor’s permission.

What Happens If I Move My Eyes During the Operation?

There is an eye following system in laser machines. Therefore even if you move your eyes or your head during the operation, laser will be applied in the right place by following your eye. There will not be any problems.

How Long Does the Surgery Last?

There are many varieties on this. They usually last around 5 to 20 minutes.

Is Anaesthesia Applied in the Surgery?

In the past, it was common to use general or local anaesthesia in the surgery. But now it is replaced with eye drops. Before the operation, couple of these sedative drops are applied on your eyes and begin the surgery. Therefore there isn’t any pain felt during the operation.

Could I Feel Any Pain During the Surgery?

There isn’t any pain felt during the operation thanks to our new technologies.

How Long Does It Take for Pain to Go Away after the Surgery?

You can feel some sort of pain, burning or stinging in the eyes for about 6 hours after the operation. You can minimise it with the medication prescribed by your doctor. All these problems usually completely heal in about 2 days.

When Are the Check-Ups Done?

The first one is in a week after the surgery. The second control is done in 3 months. Last one is in 6 months. After that it is recommended to do a regular check every year.

When Can I Go Back to Work?

You can go back to work a day after the surgery. But it is recommended to rest a week if your workplace has lots of dust.

Can I Get A Report After the Surgery?

It is possible for patients to get a report for a week. It is necesarry to spend this time resting and avoiding dense light.

What Happens if I Encounter Sun after the Surgery?

The UV lights from the sun may damage your eyes and cause some pain. It is recommended to avoid sun and use sunglasses if needed.

Is It Obligated to Use Sunglasses after the Surgery?

It is necesarry to use sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sunlight.

Is There Anybody Who’s Had Regrets after the Surgery?

There are people who have had regrets just like in every other surgeries. But this is rather a very rare situation. Most of the patients have positive feedbacks after the surgery.

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  1. LASIK, which stands for laser in-situ keratomileusis, is a popular surgery used to correct vision in people who are nearsighted, farsighted, or have astigmatism.

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