Lasik Eye Surgery Complications

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Lasik Eye Surgery Complications

Lasik Eye Surgery Complications

Patients who wish to have a laser eye surgery firstly gets checked by their doctors and are given general knowledge. After varierity of tests, there is a date given. The process starts by cutting a layer of cornea after being sedated by eye drops. During the operation the patients do not feel any pain but might feel a little bit of pressure. After cutting the layer, laser is applied to fix the eye problem by looking at the red spot. It is not considered important if patients move their eyes during the operation. After the surgery patients must wear a protective glass for a night and avoid dense shiny objects. They can usually go back to work in a day but it is necesarry to consult a doctor about it. Lasik eye surgery is not seen available for patients under 18 or over 65.

Risks, Complications, Side Affects

The possibility of a permenant damage after the surgery is very rare. There can be an issue with the cornea layer but it is very unlikely. This almost never happens with the developed technology.


There is a risk of infection on the cornea. To prevent this, patients use antibiotic eye drops for a week after the operation. This situation can be supported with other medication prescribed by the doctors. The possibility of an infection is very rare due to the application with devices in steril areas.

Swollen Eyes

This is a very rare condition. It can be seen if the patient has an infection. This temporary condition can be fixed after the surgery.

Over Tearing

There can be tearing in the eyes after the surgery. It decreases after the first 6 hours of the operation. If this condition lasts more than a day, it must be consulted to a doctor.

Temporary Sight Loss

There can be a temporary sight loss in the first hours. It usually disappears after couple hours. It is necesarry to consult your doctor if it lasts longer than that.

Mycrobic Infection

There is a possibility of this condition. But the devices used during the operation are used only one time. So this happens very rare. To prevent this, there is a period of usage on antibiotics. If there is anything abnormal in your eyes, you must see your doctor.

Ectasia Complication

It is one of the complications that can occur after the lasik surgery. It is very unlikely but you must still be informed about it. This condition is known as a cornea disoder. There is a possibility of it developing by applying it on a patient who does not have a proper thickness of cornea. Even though it’s rare there are some people who lack the proper thickness of cornea.

In case of any of these side affects lasting longer than expected, you must let your doctor know and begin a proper treatment as soon as possible.


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