Before The Lasik Eye Surgery

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Before The Lasik Eye Surgery

Before the Lasik Eye Surgery

Before the operation, there is a detailed check-up done. The method of your opeation is decided by your doctor. The method depends on your eye shape, thickness of cornea and so on. It is highly recommended to stop using contact lenses for a period of time. You must use glasses since contact lenses leave certain effects on the cornea.

The Techniques Applied Before the Surgery

Detailed Eye Check-Up: There must be one done before the laser application. The eye muscles, eye tension and pupils must be tested for 30 minutes. These are important to decide the method.

The Cornea Topography: While this is quite important before the surgery, there is a map for our inner eyes with circles. They are necesarry to measure the power of light breaking and thickness of your cornea.

Pakimetri: This technique allows us to measure the thickness of cornea. If the patient has eye tension it is certain in this phase.

Pupilametre: There are pupils in both eyes. This measures the distance between them. It is extremely important for the decision of glass lenses.

Control with eye drops: To do the measurements better and eyes to be examined more detailed eye drops are used. They are applied 15 minutes before the check-ups. This makes pupils grow and stay large for 45 minutes.

Medication Before Lasik Surgery

There can be some medication prescribed depending on your problem. They must be given by your doctor. It is necesarry to consult your doctor if you are using certain medication such as for diabities.

The Decision of the Method

First the problem must be detected. And the measurements such as thickness of your cornea must be done in a detalied way. And it is decided with the patient.

The Preparation of the Surgery

There are some preparations needed for the surgery. If the patient is using contact lenses they need to stop a week before the operation. Lenses change the shape of your cornea. On the other hand, if you are using medication that can effect the surgery your doctor must be consulted. With these done, your doctor will give you a date and share all the information needed.

Alcohol and Cigarette Usage Before the Surgery

Alcohol an cigarette delays your healing process so your doctor will recommend you to postpone their usage for at least a week.

Eating and Diet Before the Surgery

There isn’t such thing as a diet program before or after the surgery. But it is still recommended to have a light breakfast in the day of your operation.

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