After Lasik Eye Surgery

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After Lasik Eye Surgery

After The Lasik Eye Surgery

After the surgery, patients are given protective glasses for a day. It is asked to avoid light in the first day. There can be a pain or stinging felt in the first 6 hours. You can get painkillers prescribed by your doctor for this. There are medication of antibiotics and kortizons after the operation. It is necesarry to use everything your doctor gave regularly. It is possible to gain clear sight after 2 days and complete healing in 4-6 weeks.

There can be tearing in the eyes. It usually goes back to normal in couple hours. On the other hand, there are tear drops prescribed by the doctor and it is necesarry to use it for a week.

There are no special diets for the surgery. But it is still recommended to eat light in the day of your operation. It is necesarry to consume lots of water after the operation.

After the surgery it’s very likely to leave the hospital the very same day but in rare cases your doctor can ask you to spend the night.

Risks and Side Effects After the Surgery

These are really rare and low chances. A permanent damage can only occur if you truly damage the cornea layer. This almost never happens thanks to the developed technology and new techniques.

Swollen Eyes : This is a very rare condition. It can be seen if the patient has an infection. This temporary condition can be fixed after the surgery.

Over Tearing: There can be tearing in the eyes after the surgery. It decreases after the first 6 hours of the operation. If this condition lasts more than a day, it must be consulted to a doctor.

Temporary Sight Loss : There can be a temporary sight loss in the first hours. It usually disappears after couple hours. It is necesarry to consult your doctor if it lasts longer than that.

Mycrobic Infection : There is a possibility of this condition. But the devices used during the operation are used only one time. So this happens very rare. To prevent this, there is a period of usage on antibiotics. If there is anything abnormal in your eyes, you must see your doctor.

Ectasia Complication : It is one of the complications that can occur after the lasik surgery. It is very unlikely but you must still be informed about it. This condition is known as a cornea disoder. There is a possibility of it developing by applying it on a patient who does not have a proper thickness of cornea. Even though it’s rare there are some people who lack the proper thickness of cornea.

Cross Linking: It is the process used to fix ectasia complication.  UV lights are sent to the eyes  to strenghten the weakened cornea. And B12 vitamin is used. The process takes about half an hour to an hour. After the lasik eye surgery patients must regularly use their prescribed eye drops.

Things to Pay Attention After the Surgery

There are couples things to be careful about after the surgery. You must use the prescribed eye drops regularly. You must avoid touching the eyes especially in the first 24 hours.

  • Avoid direct sunlight or tense light in the first 24 hours
  • Use sunglasses after the surgery at least for a week
  • You must not take a shower in the first 24 hours. You must protect the eyes from shampoos or soaps in the first week.
  • You must rest in the first day. It is not recommended to travel for a week. You have a chance of catching infection during your travel.
  • There are no limits on having sexual intimacy after first 24 hours of the surgery.
  • You must use the prescribed medication given by your doctor regularly. If there is any more needed you must see your doctor again.

Healing Process After the Surgery

Healing takes about 4 days after the surgery. But complete healing occurs in 4 weeks. The length also depends on the eye structure and patient’s physical conditions.

Doctor Controls After the Surgery

You must have them regularly. First control is done after the first week of the operation. Third control in the 3rd month and after that you must visit a doctor once a year.

Eating and Diet After the Surgery

There isn’t such thing as a diet program before or after the surgery. But it is still recommended to have a light breakfast in the day of your operation. And it is good for you to consume healthy things containing high minerals and vitamins.

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